Interested? Want to work at LM?

LM Communications Broadcast Media Group’s employees are our strongest asset. Our employees are key to our long-term success, and their commitment to Lexington’s only locally owned radio group is what sets us apart from our competitors.

LM Communications is a great place to work. Employees deserve the opportunity to learn while having a good time. We believe that LM Communications is the radio group of choice in the radio broadcast industry. Our employees have the knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and creativity it takes to be successful in today’s broadcast industry.

Please send your resume to: Cathryn Gibson

Would you like to Intern at LM?

Our internship program will provide you with an opportunity to combine your hard earned book learning with some necessary real world experience. LM Communications offers a hands-on programs specifically designed to make use of the talent and motivation in every intern. We offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for our interns, from the broadcast booth to behind-the-scenes and everything in between.

Please download the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM and then email back to us at the link below or you may mail it to:

LM Communications
Attention: Cathryn Gibson
401 West Main Street, Suite 301
Lexington, KY 40507